Franklin County Senior Center volunteer, 90, keeps busy at resale store

Howard Smith stands in the brightly lit resale room at the Franklin County Senior Center. A customer has just entered the store and is looking for a pair of shoes. Smith blinks his eyes and points to the shoe area. Within a few minutes, the customer has found just what she’s looking for. In this [...]

New PET scan shows duo that drives Alzheimer’s

Scientists are peeking inside living brains to watch for the first time as a toxic duo of plaques and tangles interact to drive Alzheimer's disease — and those tangles may predict early symptoms, a finding with implications for better treatments. According to a recent story by Associated Press reporter Lauran Neergaard, it's not clear exactly [...]

Plan ahead to help keep seniors independent, safe on the road

A new scratch on the bumper or avoiding activities that require leaving home are often the first signs that families should talk with their aging parents about driving. Unfortunately, those conversations are not happening enough. A new survey by Home Instead Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care® network of franchise offices that provide in-home [...]

Optimal Aging Conference – Louisville June 12-14

The Optimal Aging Conference, which takes place in Louisville June 12-14, brings together academics, health care and social service professionals and older adults who are united by a belief that aging is an opportunity and not a disease. Held at the Brown Hotel, the conference supports the dissemination of biopsychosocial aging research, age-friendly produce innovation [...]

Senior Farmers

The Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) awards grants to states, U.S. Territories, and federally recognized Indian tribal governments to provide low-income seniors with coupons that can be exchanged for eligible foods (fruits, vegetables, honey, and fresh-cut herbs) at farmers' markets, roadside stands, and community-supported agriculture programs. The purposes of the Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition [...]

Take a survey on how patient advocates can help reduce medical errors

Medical errors and hospital infections are the third leading cause of death in the US. Patients and their family advocates – their personal ‘patient advocates’ – feel very strongly that they can help make a difference in reducing errors and infections. Communication issues underscore most of these errors. Health care delivery is being required to [...]

Non profit God’s Pantry Food Bank receives grant money from April’s i know expo

The i know expo and its Community Partners -- Sanders Brown Center for Aging, the Mayor’s Commission for Citizens for Disabilities, the Area for Aging and Independent Living and ITNBluegrass -- wish to thank this year’s sponsors for supporting the expo which was held April 3. Sponsors of the event include: UKHealthCare, AARP, Kentucky Department [...]

Ky. AARP wants to recognize outstanding volunteers

Can you think of a volunteer who’s made a significant impact in their community? Who’s always willing to go the extra mile? Who inspires others to volunteer? Nominate them for the 2016 AARP Kentucky Andrus Award for Community Service – AARP’s most prestigious and visible state volunteer award for community service. The purpose of the [...]

May is Older Americans Month, time to “Blaze a Trail”

Older adults are a growing and increasingly vital part of our country. The contributions they make to our communities are varied, deeply rooted, and include influential roles in the nation’s economy, politics, and the arts. From 69-year-old NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, Jr. to 84-year-old actress Rita Moreno to 83-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who took her [...]

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