Social media abuse on long-term care is just the tip of the iceberg

In late 2015, a ProPublica investigation reported 37 incidents of long-term-care employees (employed by nursing homes and assisted living centers) sharing photos or videos of residents on social media, without the resident’s consent. A recent article by Eric Carlson and Fay Gordon on the American Society of Aging website said in two-thirds of the incidents, [...]

Research participants with dementia sought for visual arts study

The U.S. Alzheimer’s Disease Centers is overseeing a second round of a study exploring the effects of visual arts activities on quality of life for people with mild to moderate dementia and their caregivers. The study is accepting participants now for this new session beginning Sept. 10. Led by researchers Allan Richards and Ann Christianson [...]

Eating whole grains can help you live longer, Harvard study shows

Eating at least three servings of whole grains a day could lower your risk of an early death, according to new research conducted at Harvard and published in the American Heart Association’s journal, Circulation. While dietary guidelines have long included whole grains as an essential component of healthy eating patterns, people don’t eat enough of [...]

Five good things to do for your grandchild’s brain

What they say is true: A good education starts at home. And you, Grandma and Grandpa, can play vital roles in your grandchild's brain development. Employ these smart strategies, suggested by Kristen Sturt for, to put him or her on a path to success. Use your words. Language skills are crucial to your grandbaby’s [...]

Shaky hands may or may not be a sign of Parkinson’s disease

When her right hand started trembling uncontrollably, the 68-year-old woman began to fear that she was developing Parkinson’s Disease, the progressive disorder of the nervous system that plagued Mohammed Ali and led actor Michael J. Fox to create a foundation that is working toward a cure for the degenerative disease. But she may have gotten [...]

Kentucky cities join AARP network that makes it easier for seniors to age at home

Several cities in Kentucky are taking steps to make it easier for residents to age comfortably in their own homes. Berea, Bowling Green and Lexington have joined the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities. The network encourages safe streets for pedestrians, better housing and transportation options, and opportunities for residents to participate in community activities. “Well-designed [...]

Early Stage Social Engagement Group

The Alzheimer’s Association Early Stage Social Engagement Group is designed to provide education, emotional, and social support for people in the Early Stage of Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia through regularly scheduled outings, meetings, and activities. This group helps participants connect with other people with dementia and tries to help them maintain their [...]

Five Social Security ‘gotchas’ that can cut your benefits

(This article is excerpted from Get What’s Yours: The Revised Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security by Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Philip Moeller and Paul Solman.) Hidden within Social Security’s Handbook and Program Operations Manual are lots of “gotchas” that can reduce your Social Security benefits forever. And some of the “gotchas” have only gotten worse since [...]