Think it’s too late to continue your education?

Think again!

AARP Kentucky has launched a new initiative in partnership with The Graduate! Network called KY Comebackers.

KY Comebackers provides guidance and resources through a set of “lifelong learning pathways.”

These pathways direct adults in Kentucky to low-cost and no-cost options to complete a GED, Technical Certificate, Associate’s, or Bachelor’s degree in the Commonwealth.

It’s no secret that American businesses are having difficulty finding workers with the skills they need to fill jobs in demand.

In fact, recent labor market statistics reveal that there are currently 7 million unfilled jobs in the U.S.

At the same time, American workers are finding they are not able to move up in their company or secure a higher wage job because they lack the credentials or degree required.

AARP and The Graduate Network! are helping these adults navigate the complex journey (back) to and through post-secondary education.

Many of these paths are low-cost, affordable, or at no-cost to the learner!

Consider the life-changing benefits, financial security, and self-satisfaction of continuing education and becoming a lifelong learner.

Check it out at and on Twitter at @ComebackKY.