Scammers are targeting older adults and people who have long-term health conditions that are high risk for the COVID-19 virus.

These scammers are attempting to bill Medicare for sham tests and treatment related to COVID-19 and to obtain your Medicare number.

What can you do to stop COVID-19 fraud?

• Do not give out your Medicare number to anyone other than your health care provider.

• Never provide your Medicare number to anyone who contacts you through unsolicited calls, text or emails.

• Be cautious of anyone who comes to your door offering free COVID-19 testing, treatment of supplies.

• Don’t click on links from sources you don’t know, which could put your computer or device at risk.

• Be cautious when buying medical supplies from unknown sources, including online/TV advertisements and email/phone solicitations.

• There is currently no vaccine for COVID-19. Do not fall for any ads that claim that they can heal you or prevent you from getting COVID-19.

• Be alert to “investment opportunities.”

• Do not make a donation to a charity without first calling to see if it is a trustworthy organization.

These tips are provided by the MEDICARE SHIP program.