We all like to receive gifts. And most of us enjoy giving them, as well.

If you are planning to give a gift to someone with Alzheimer’s this holiday season, it may be best to ask his or her caregiver what they think might be appropriate. If you are a caregiver, it may be helpful to provide loved ones and friends with suggestions for useful and enjoyable gifts.

The Alzheimer’s Association suggests that these gifts may be appropriate for those with Alzheimer’s Disease.

An identification bracelet or membership in a wandering response service.

Comfortable, easy-to-remove clothing

Favorite music

A photo albums of family and friends

Favorite treats.

Do not give gifts such as dangerous tools or instruments, utensils, challenging board games, complicated electronic equipment or pets.

Depending on his or her abilities and preferences, involve the person with Alzheimer’s in gift giving.

For example, someone who once enjoyed baking may enjoy helping to make cookies and pack them in tins or boxes. Or you may want to buy the gift so that the person can wrap it.

If friends or family members wants to give a caregiver a gift, these gifts are appropriate:

A gift certificate or something that will help make things easier, like housecleaning; lawn, handyman or laundry services;

Restaurant gift cards;

Volunteer to visit with the person for an afternoon so the caregiver can have some time off.