Have you always dreamed of riding a horse, maybe even owning one?

Do you finally have the time and money to turn your dream into a reality?

Whatever your age, it’s never too late to slip your foot into a stirrup and mount up.

Burt Schwab, 61, of Middle Grove, N.Y., bought a western bridle at a church bazaar when he was just a kid imagining that someday he would have a horse. By his mid-40s, he’d only ridden three times. As the next decade of life was looming, he realized it was time to take action.

“I started visiting a local riding stable and the opportunity to own two horses presented itself,” says Schwab, who rides at Win$um Ranch in Schuylerville, N.Y.

“I’m not sure why I agreed, but I’ve never looked back. I did a lot of riding without knowing what I was doing. I think the horses knew I just loved being with them and they cut me a lot of slack.”

Learning any new activity can be intimidating, but all of these three people agree that riding is an endeavor worth pursuing even if you’re not young.

There’s nothing more rewarding that climbing aboard a 1,000-pound animal and realizing that you can guide him where to go and at what speed. But learning to sit and steer at every speed takes time and patience.

There are many different types of riding experiences, from western to English, Dressage, trail riding and speed events. The secret to having a successful experience is finding a facility that fits your goals and personality.

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