ITNBluegrass has received a grant through the Coronavirus Response Fund to provide rapid response rides to those in need. If you are not currently a member, don’t worry.

The organization is fast-tracking the setup of accounts, so rides can be delivered as quickly as possible.

Recently, ITN Bluegrass, which offers rides to seniors and the visually impaired in Fayette County and northern Jessamine County, received a referral from the Senior Center and delivered a God’s Pantry box four hours later.

These rides are 100 percent paid for by the Coronavirus Response Fund grant with no out-of-pocket expenses to the rider.

If you are in need, please call ITN 859-421-0705 or 859-252-8665 to get setup today.

ITNBluegrass is only providing necessary rides at this time, meaning only rides that are medically necessary or involve essential food or medication.

ITNBluegrass strongly suggests that you let them pickup your groceries or medication, but if you do not have a way to order those online drivers can give you an in-person ride to the grocery store.

The organization asks you to wash your hands before the ride and the driver will ask you to wipe off your hands with a disinfectant wipe before getting back in the car.

The driver will give you a mask to wear in the store. The driver will even ask you to sit in the back seat unless there is some compelling reason why you cannot.

The most contact-free way to receive medication or essential food is for ITNBluegrass to pick it up for you and deliver it to your food step. A driver will ring your bell, step back to 6 feet away and make sure you have received the delivery.

During the pandemic, ITNBluegrass is delivering medically necessary rides, essential food rides, a limited number of other necessary rides, and food or medication pickup and delivery.

And please don’t worry, ITNBluegrass is taking a variety of CoVid-19 precautions.

· Screening all riders for flu-like symptoms and only driving well riders.

· Making sure sick drivers stay home.

· Sanitizing the cars between riders, including wiping down seat belts, door handles, door side panels, dashboard, seats.

· Masks available for drivers and riders.

· Extra hand washing and use of hand sanitizer or wipes between instances of hand washing.

· To practice social distancing, we are having riders sit in the back seat whenever possible.

· We encourage rider-less rides such as pick-up and delivery of food or medication except when pickup is not possible.