Know an extraordinary volunteer age 50 or older?

Show your appreciation by nominating him or her for the Andrus Award for Community Service.

AARP’s most prestigious Kentucky volunteer award recognizes individuals who are sharing their experience, talent and skills in ways that significantly enrich the lives of others.

Only one individual or couple from Kentucky may be selected each year.

Nominating a volunteer is easy! If you know someone age 50 or older who embodies the true definition of volunteerism, honor him or her with a nomination today!

The nomination deadline is July 15.

Nomination tips:

• Be specific about the nominee’s contributions. The selection committee may not know the individual and has only your nomination form on which to base their decision.

• Give examples of the work performed and when, where and who was served.

• Please do not include accomplishments from paid work experience. Volunteers receiving small stipends to cover costs associated with the volunteer activity are eligible.

• Ask other people to nominate the same person.

If you have questions about eligibility information and award rules, visit our website.

For more information, email or call 1-866-295-7275.