In a recent AARP survey, four in five Kentucky voters ages 35-64 and of all political views, expressed concerns about low retirement savings, according to a story in the October AARP Bulletin.

More than half of private sector workers in Kentucky – about 8000,000 people – have no way to save for retirement through automatic payroll deductions. AARP Kentucky is asking lawmakers to create a Work and Save plan, which would make it easier for small businesses to offer their employees a way to save. The plan would be voluntary and portable, so when workers change jobs, their accounts would travel with them.

“Social Security alone isn’t enough to depend on,” said Jim Kimbrough, AARP state president. “A Work and Save plan would make it easier for workers to grow the additional savings they will need to live a secure and independent future.”

The AARP survey was conducted as a telephone survey among registered voters ages 35-64 in Kentucky. The survey collected the opinions of residents on retirement security; saving options and a proposed state Work and Save legislation. The survey was approximately 10 minutes in length. The margin of sampling error for the sample for 1,000 for Kentucky is +/-3.2 percent.

The full survey annotation is available at