October 15 marks the start of Medicare’s annual enrollment period (AEP) and seniors in Lexington are busy starting the pre-enrollment process. It also means they’re getting flooded with confusing and contradictory information.

Adding to the confusion, Medicare.gov’s Plan Finder doesn’t include Medicare supplement plans. But AEP doesn’t have to be complicated.

To help your readers across Fayette County navigate AEP with confidence, United Medicare Advisors, a national leader in Medicare plan comparison shopping, has some tips.

For some background: United Medicare Advisors partners with 30 top rated carriers to ensure that every customer enrolls in a plan that meets their needs. To date, United Medicare Advisors has helped over 100,000 people save an average of $365 a year.

AEP has nothing to do with turning 65 and entering Medicare.

AEP is only for changing plans, not beginning Medicare.

If you have a Medicare Supplement policy, AEP doesn’t affect you. Because you can change your Medicare Supplement policy at any time throughout the year, AEP is an opportunity to relax.

When it comes to a Medicare plan, there no such thing as a “one size fits all” or best plan. Everyone’s health status is unique. Take your time and research your coverage options and make changes if necessary.

If you want to switch from Medigap to Medicare Advantage, AEP is your time to do so.

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