Seventh Markesbery Community Symposium focuses on dementia prevention

Why do some people stay intellectually sharp into their 90’s, while others have memory problems?  Is there anything we can learn from their lifestyles that can help everyone age successfully? The Sanders-Brown Center on Aging’s Markesbery Symposium will address this and more.  Keynote speakers are:

  • Dr. Claudia Kawas of the 90+ Study which explores the fastest-growing age group in the U.S.:  “the oldest old.” Dr. Kawas appeared in a 2014 “60 Minutes” episode called Living to 90 and Beyond that explored the secrets to a long and happy life.
  • Rachel Whitmer, a national expert on risk factors for dementia, including obesity and diabetes. Dr. Whitmer was also featured on “60 Minutes” in a 2016 story about an extended family in Columbia with a genetic mutation that causes Alzheimer’s disease.

There will also be an “Ask the Experts” session featuring Whitmer and Kawas and researchers from the UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging.

“Typically, we focus on who gets dementia and why, but we can learn just as much from the people who DON’T get Alzheimer’s,” said Linda Van Eldik, director of the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging.

WHERE:  Lexington Convention Center Bluegrass Ballroom, 430 W. Vine Street

WHEN: Saturday, November 4, 8:30 am – noon

A free continental breakfast will be provided courtesy of the Lexington Legends.

The event is free but registration is required. Call (859) 323-5474 to register.