A day can be brighter because of one phone call by one friend.

And that’s the idea behind a new program offered by A Caring Place.

The interfaith-based nonprofit is looking for volunteers for an innovative new service called telephone comfort care.

This program will rely on volunteers to reach out to isolated seniors, by phone, to check on them and help add a little socialization to their day.

Loneliness is a painful disorder, with many grave health implications if it is persistent. It is a subjective concept, measured by the person’s perception of the quality of their relationships.

The old saying is true, even in a crowd, we might be lonely.

Currently, no magic cures, or pills exist for intervening successfully. The only intervention which has shown success is to be a friend to a lonely person.

If you have a phone and are willing to call at least one person a day to say “hello” and provide some conversation, then you qualify to be part of our team at A Caring Place!

Training and more information will be provided by A Caring Place.

Call Roxanne Cheney at (775) 230 2225 or email at info@a-caring-place.com