Your Success Is Our Success. 

We see this Expo as a partnership.  The more visitors we attract, the better it is for all of us. So we’ve created these easy-to-use promotional materials for you to get the word out to your customers, supporters, family and friends.  Send us an email at with questions. Let’s work together to attract big crowds on April 27th!


TV commercials, interviews and coverage on WLEX 18.

We’re proud to say that the number one TV station in the market is our media partner. Attention-getting commercials ($25K in media value or 350 gross rating points) start to air on (TBD). Our 15 second commercial will also be featured on Expo representatives will promote the event on the (TBD) 12:30 news show and on the (TBD) morning news show.

IKNOW 2014 10 sec spot

IKNOW 2014 15 sec spot

IKNOW 2014 30 sec spot


Radio commercials, interviews and news coverage on WVLK News Talk 590

We’re just as proud that the number one talk radio station in the market is 100% on board. Listen for attention-getting 30 second commercials from April 7, 2014 onward.
Starting April 21, 2014 listen for live mentions on Jack Pattie (6-10 a.m.) and Kruser and Krew (12-3 p.m.) and to hear Expo representatives promote the event in a live interview with Jack Pattie.
Look for our banner ad on

(click here to listen to a commercial)



Print ads

We’ve created attention-getting print ads to promote the event.  If you’re interested in using one or more as is in your newsletters or publications, feel free to do so.  Contact us at with questions.

(coming soon…)



This eblast is ready to send out to your online mailing list as often as you choose.

(click the link below to download)

Expo 2014 Flier


The i know expo Facebook page  

Please “Like” us and share the page as widely as possible so everyone’s up to speed on Expo events and breaking news about speakers, activities and such. If you have any suggestions for postings please email them to

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Direct Mail Postcard

When we promote, we mean PROMOTE!  25,000 of these cards are earmarked for the best possible list of potential attendees for this event – the one belonging to our good friends and presenting sponsors, AARP!  We currently have a limited supply in stock, so if you would like to mail or hand them out, please email with the quantity you need and when and how you plan to distribute them.

(click the link below to download)

Expo Postcard 2014 (8X5)


Promotional Flyers and Posters

This 8 ½ x 11” promotional flyer is a useful –and inexpensive way – to get the word out.
Ditto these attention grabbing 11” x 17” postersDownload a PDF for your own use.
You can either print it in-house, send it to whoever handles your color copies, or use it in email.

(click the link below download)

Expo 2014 Flyer


(click here to view and download poster – TO BE POSTED AT A LATER DATE.)


Window Clings  

These bright, cheerful clings are easy to apply – and remove – to car or shop windows.  If you’re willing to post them, you’re welcome to pick up as many as you need from Laura Dake.  Just call her at 859.351.0460.



Speakers Bureau

Want to get the word out to your professional organization or social club?  We’ll be glad to come make a presentation, or provide you with a Power Point show.  Please contact us:


PRESS RELEASE – Coming Soon…