Even if you’re stuck at home, it’s important to keep moving

It’s vital to stay active during these self-isolating times when our favorite gym or workout center is closed. Here are a few suggested from our friends at the Lexington Senior Center of a seated workout for you. Make good choices. Be sure your exercise area is safe and free of trip hazards. Exercise should not [...]

What good is the coronavirus doing? It’s boosting relationships.

Back in January or February you may have thought that “liking” someone’s Facebook post qualified as catching up with a friend. But if you’ve been self-isolating at home since March because of the coronavirus pandemic, you’ve probably upgraded to phone calls and video chats. A recent story on NextAvenue.org written by Lisa Fields, says this [...]

Seniors are encourage to vote by mail for June 23 primary election

Kentucky's primary election day is June 23. But, the coronavirus is still making it unsafe to go to the polls. So, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear signed an order recently allowing Kentucky residents to vote by mail in the upcoming primary election. Seniors - one of the at-risk groups of the coronavirus - are encouraged to [...]

Alzheimer support groups are still meeting. Here’s how to find them.

The Alzheimer’s Association continues to provide services for caregivers caring for persons with dementia. To comply with the Kentucky governor’s regulations, rather than meeting in person, caregiver support groups have transitioned to meeting by phone. Support groups create a safe, confidential, supportive community and a chance for participants to develop mutual support and social relationships. [...]

Confined to your home and alone? How to make it through the pandemic

News stories today are full of articles on how to depend on family support systems for help during the pandemic. These stories range from the serious “What to do with your children if you get sick” to the more mundane “How do I keep from killing my spouse as we try to share an office?” [...]

Taking a virtual walk to help Parkinson’s

Moving Day, an annual fundraising walk hosted by the Parkinson’s Foundation, is going virtual for the next three months. The event gives participants a chance to speak up about Parkinson’s disease and move others to take action. Also, it is a movement for change toward more awareness, more funding, and more understanding of a disease [...]

Why being a part of the 2020 Census is important – especially for seniors

The 2020 Census is happening now. And it's important everyone participate. In fact, decennial census is critically important to our democracy for a number of reasons: * It determines the number of seats each state has in the U.S. House of Representatives; * It is used to distribute billions in federal funds for essential programs [...]