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On Saturday, April 27th, 2019 people will flock to the Lexington Senior Center for something they desperately need. Those people are Central Kentuckians of all ages and life stages — planning for or living out their golden years, taking care of someone they love, or coping with difficult health situations. And that “something” is information about the services, resources and support that can actually make a difference in the way they live out their lives.

They’ll find this at a special event called the i know expo, devised by Independent Transportation Network Bluegrass, especially for seniors and those caring for loved ones.

Scores of exhibitors who know about aging well and coping with disabilities will present, discuss and demonstrate their products and services and share resources in a positive, upbeat environment.

And experts on subjects from housing, healthcare and insurance, to legal and financial planning, to living well and staying active will make formal presentations and answer questions.

We ask that your company partner with us as a sponsor of this event that has the power to forge lasting relationships and actually change people’s lives for the better. And benefit from some well-deserved recognition for doing good in the community.

Want to see sponsor benefits?  Please click the butterflies below to see the benefits associated with each level of sponsorship.


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   admiral sponsorship    $1000                                                            peacock sponsorship – $2500


Ready to become a sponsor?  Please fill out the form below or e form. After completing the form you will be taken to the payment details page. CLICK HERE to reserve your sponsorship and mail in your payment.

The information below may appear in the printed and online materials.  Please include only information for public use.  The contact information for billing purposes will be filled out when mailing in payment.

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For the Resource Directory i know expo will construct a single sentence description of your organization based on its published mission statement.

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Check - Payable to i know expo.Mail to: i know expo c/o Ridgewood, Ltd., P.O. Box 22259, Lexington KY 40522Invoice - Exhibitor space is not guaranteed until payment has been received.Credit Card - Pay By Phone - Rachel Barber, Ridgewood Ltd. 859-233-3056Credit Card - Pay Online ***NOTE!! You must hit submit on this form. Then utilize the "pay now" button to process your payment.


The exhibitor agrees to:

• Set up on Friday in secured space or arrive and be set up by 9:00 a.m. Saturday in the Lexington Convention Center.
• Have available and distribute sufficient copies of materials for visitors. (1000-1200)
• Staff the exhibit from 10am until the end of the i know expo® at 3:00 p.m. (Expo volunteers will be on hand to provide short breaks when needed.)
• Supply any audio-visual equipment, extension cords, easels, etc., necessary for your exhibit. Electric and internet connections can be provided at additional cost through the Convention Center.
• Bring your own snacks and/or lunch.
• i know expo® and its presenters are not liable for damage or injury to persons or property during the event.
• By attending this event I consent to and authorize the use or reproduction by i know expo® of any and all photographs or filmed footage taken this day for the purpose of promotion, without compensation to me.

Sorry, no refunds once application and payment are received. By producing payment, I agree to the exhibitor terms above.

Your involvement as a sponsor will give us just the lift we need to spread our wings and fly.

Questions? Contact Us:

Gale Reece

Phone:  859.227.9692
email:  gale.reece@iknowexpo.org

Dawn Brockman

Phone:  859.806.7526
email:  dawn.brockman@iknowexpo.org