Know how to preserve body, brain health and memory

Dr. Ronan Murphy

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The Latest Update on the Affordable Care Act

Laura Dake, Executive Director of ITNBluegrass

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Self-care for caregivers.

Within a caring relationship, the needs of the care-receiver often eclipse those of the care-giver, though both are equally important. Esther Hurlburt discusses how to find the healthy balance that will help make life better for both.
The Reverend Esther Hurlburt / Parent Care KY

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How to fund your family’s future.

Ever worried about running out of money for yourself or your family after you retire? Scott Neal lays out ideas about how individuals and families can make the most of what they have as they plan for retirement.
Scott Neal/ D.Scott Neal,Inc.

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Know about vour Medicare benefits

Mary Lou Cambpell

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AARP’s Prepare to Care

Laura Dake

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Don’t wait for a crisis to set up your Medicaid trust and estate plan.

How do you keep the courts from making decisions about your family or estate? How can you use Medicaid benefits without depleting all your assets?  Proactive legal planning let s you control these critical life choices.
Robert McClelland/McClelland and Associates, PLLC

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UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging

we believe.
That every Kentuckian deserves to live as full and healthy a life as possible, no matter what their age.  That’s why we work tirelessly to deepen our understanding of the aging process and age-related brain diseases.  And to make our discoveries available to all, through education, outreach and clinical programs that promote healthy brain aging. And why we’re […]

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Commission for Citizens with Disabilities

not just a parking space.
It can be the difference between being mobile or home-bound.   That’s why it’s so important that handicapped parking spaces be available to the people who need them, when they need them.  Making sure people get this message is just one of the things we do to promote the inclusion and empowerment of people with disabilities […]

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Bluegrass Agency on Aging and Independent Living

helping hands.
For disabled men, women and children of any age. For the elderly.  For caregivers.  We’re here to help in many, many ways with activities, programs, services, resources, education, advocacy and more.  See what we put our hands to to improve the quality of life for seniors, caregivers and disabled individuals in the communities of the Bluegrass, at

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