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We see this Expo as a partnership.  The more visitors we attract, the better it is for all of us. So we’ve created these easy-to-use promotional materials for you to get the word out to your customers, supporters, family and friends.  Send us an email at with questions. Let’s work together to attract big crowds.

Commercials, interviews and coverage.



(click here to read an i know expo preview from the Hamburg Journal)

(click here to read editorial in the Lexington Herald-Leader “To Aid the Ederly, Transit Plan a Must”)





2022 Print Ads – Coming Soon

We’ve created attention-getting print ads to promote the event.  If you’re interested in using one or more as is in your newsletters or publications, feel free to do so.  Contact us at with questions.



The i know expo Facebook page

Please “Like” us and share the page as widely as possible so everyone’s up to speed on Expo events and breaking news about speakers, activities and such. If you have any suggestions for postings please email them to

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2021 Promotional Flyers – Coming Soon

This 8 ½ x 11” promotional flyer is a useful –and inexpensive way – to get the word out. Download a PDF for your own use.
You can either print it in-house, send it to whoever handles your color copies, or use it in email.




Speakers Bureau

Want to get the word out to your professional organization or social club?  We’ll be glad to come make a presentation, or provide you with a Power Point show.  Please contact us: