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Check out the experts who spoke at the 2014 expo.  

Click each link to learn more about the speaker.

Know How to Select a Nursing Home. | Sherry Culp

How to See What Your Eyes Are Telling You. | Jessica Bezner, O.D.

Know About the “Other AAA,” Your Area Agency on Aging. | Celeste Collins & Lydia Jacobs

Life Reimagined Overview. | Janet Taylor, M.D.

The Healing Power of Gardening. | Bill Henkel & Andrew Hoyt

Know Your Medicine Cabinet: The Risks and Benefits of Using Multiple Medications. | Demetra Antimisiaris

How to Fund the Future for Your Family. | D. Scott Neal

Life Reimagined Online Experience I. | AARP

My 20+ Years as a Caregiver Daughter, Granddaughter, Wife and Daughter-in-Law. | Carolyn Wheeler

Know the Difference Between Normal and Abnormal Memory as You Age. | Frederick A. Schmitt, Ph.D.

Don’t Wait for a Crisis to Set Up Your Medicaid Trust and Estate Plan. | Robert McClelland  

Life Reimagined Checkup. 90 minutes. | Deborah Turner

Know Your Emergency Services – And Make Sure They Know About You. | Jennifer Newton & Susan Wright

Don’t Want to Leave Home? Then Be Prepared to Do What It Takes to Stay Put. | Laura Dake & Susan Bachner

Medicaid, Medicare and Prescriptions: You Are Not Alone. | Angela Zeek

The Struggles and Lessons of a Caregiver. | Paul Prather

Can You Hear Me Now? A Consumer’s Ear View of Hearing Aids. | Ed Schickel

What Online Legal Documents Aren’t Telling You. | Kevin Johns