Spring Brings The NEW Lexington Senior Center

If you haven’t looked at the construction on the new Lexington senior center lately, you should. Progress is being made on the new being built at 195 Life Lane, right behind Southland Christian Church on Richmond Road. After years of people wishing, hoping and some even praying, Lexington $13 million senior center will have 33,000 [...]

Research: The death of a spouse increases the likelihood of death of the surviving spouse

It's long been said that a person can die from a broken heart, but now, research suggests that there may be truth behind this timeless expression. Known as the widowhood effect, social scientists say this phenomenon is one of the best documented examples of relationships on a person's health, and may be the result of [...]

Florida dentist offers help for seniors who can’t get to the dentist’s office

About eight years ago, dental professionals Joni Duy and Mona Baiunco thought of a plan to help the many Brevard, Fla., residents who, because of age or infirmity, can no longer make it to the dental office. With Duy and Baiunco’s help, the dental office goes to the person in need. A recent story in [...]

Coloring isn’t kids stuff – Lexington Senior Center wants you to join in

Adult coloring books are appearing by the droves at bookstores and craft stores, on Amazon.com and even from the Home Shopping Network. The designs in the books appeal to every interest — from whimsical doodles to nature scenes and fantasy worlds. Why would adults color? What kind of benefits can adults receive from a childhood activity? [...]