iKnow Expo 2018 Exhibitor, Bluegrass Care Navigators have added new services that their patients need.

The services are: Bluegrass Home Primary Care, featuring Dr. Jennifer Skorupa, board certified in both Family Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Medicine; and Bluegrass Adult Day Health Care, with it first center opening soon in Frankfort.

Both services will help loved ones to live comfortably at home, according to Liz Fowler, president and CEO f Bluegrass Care Navigators.

Home primary care includes medical care and management of chronic conditions and disabilities for patients who are “home-limited.” The Adult Day Health Care facility, for adults who have physical or mental conditions resulting from age or illness, will feature on-site nurses and clinical caregivers as well as activities, snacks and hot, catered meals.

This is designed to give family members a caregiving break, and gives loved ones companionship and socialization during the day.

In 2018, Bluegrass Care Navigators will celebrate 40 years of hospice care.