The EXERT Study, a national, 18-month-long clinical trial will test whether physical exercise can slow the progression of early Alzheimer’s disease memory problems – knows as “mild cognitive impairment” in older adults.

EXERT is taking place at 15 academic medical centers – including the University of Kentucky – and YMCAs in the United States.

Who can participate? Adults between the ages of 65-89 years old can help if they are:

  • experiencing mild memory loss or lapses and/or are diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment;
  • have not been regularly exercising
  • Are not taking insulin for diabetes
  • Are in good health otherwise
  • Can speak English fluently
  • Can identify someone who knows them well and who would be willing to come to the clinic to answer questions about the participant.

Eligible adults must be willing to participate in either the stretching/balance/range of motion group or an aerobics group.

Participants must be able to exercise at a YMCA four times per week for 18 months.

For more information about EXERT study, contact Shani Bardach at 859-323-1331 or at