It’s vital to stay active during these self-isolating times when our favorite gym or workout center is closed.

Here are a few suggested from our friends at the Lexington Senior Center of a seated workout for you.

Make good choices. Be sure your exercise area is safe and free of trip hazards. Exercise should not hurt. Mild discomfort is okay, pain is not.

Try to do something active every day.

The health professionals at the Lexington Senior Center recommend that you perform each exercise segment for one minute, try to repeat the cycle at least 2 – 3 times, then stretch.

You will need a sturdy chair, hand weights (or use canned goods) and a timer. This workout is 100 percent seated.

1. March, push arms front /back and front /overhead

2. Tap open legs side to side, R/L, arms press side

3. Roll shoulders back while pumping heels up and down

4. Pick up weights/cans. Feet flat on floor: Bicep curl while performing alternating leg extensions or heel digs

5. Hinge at hips, lean forward for rows with tricep kickback. Pull weights from toes back toward hips. Squeeze shoulder blades. Extend arms behind in kickback. Release and complete row.

6. Sit tall, overhead presses with/without weights while you tap toes up and down quickly, heels of floor.

7. With weight in each hand, sit tall, perform side bend, alternate sides, stop in the center each time.

8. With weight in each hand, bend elbows and hold in bicep curl. Rotate trunk R/L in a slow twist.

9. Put weights down. Circle wrists both directions. Open and close hands, wiggle fingers and toes, shrug shoulders, slowly turn head right/left.

Repeat this cycle 2 – 3 times, then stretch for 5+ minutes.