The Alzheimer’s Store products designed for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia and their caregivers can be found at or by or calling this toll-free number 1-800-752-3238.

The Barnet Family, founders of Healthcare Products, LLC, operate the Alzheimer’s Store. They know first hand about loving and living with someone with Alzheimer’s because their grandfather, George, endured Alzheimer’s.

On the store’s website, the family shares the story of caring for George and the ultimate founding of the Alzheimer’s Store.

“Through his Alzheimer’s years, the family found solace by providing the proper care and attention to make his difficult moments more comfortable. In the beginning, he was able to tell us how grateful he was for our love and care to ease his suffering but in the end, we were the ones grateful to be able to provide him with the utilities to make his journey with Alzheimer’s more peaceful.

“Living with Alzheimer’s is an extraordinary hardship because of the breathtaking, progressive nature of the disease that seem inexplicable to all of us. This sense of helplessness urged us to cultivate guidance and education on Alzheimer’s.

“Our family is now compelled to raise the bar for Alzheimer’s care throughout the world.”

In addition to products, such as adaptive clothing, items to ensure bathroom safety, gps tracking watches and general home medical equipment, the store also sells items that offer activities for those with dementia such as books, DVDs and puzzles.

There’s also a place on the website to “ask the expert” where you can pose questions to Bruce Barnet, a certified caregiver and a resources page that provides a long list of aging in place professionals and “links we like.”

The Alzheimer’s Store joins in the fight to end Alzheimer’s by donating $30 per MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch sold through March 14, 2018. The MX-LOCare™ GPS Watch has location device technology with GPS tracking which has introduced a new way for caregivers and families to prevent wandering emergencies.