The Lexington Department of Public Safety and Social Services wants your life at home to be a little easier and safer.

Lexington Cares is a group of programs offered by local and federal government agencies. These programs offer residents options for safety, support and staying connected with others who might provide care during an emergency.

The programs are:

  • Carrier Alert. You can register for this program if you are a Fayette County resident living alone without family or friends who check on you regularly. Your mail carrier will report mail accumulation to postal officials who will notify the Lexington Department of Social Services. In turn, the agency will attempt to contact you by phone. If you cannot be reached, a representative will call the emergency contacts on your registration form. Registration forms are available at any post office or you can call 3-1-1 or 859-425-2255 or visit
  • Access to Information (also know as the Vial of Life) speaks for you when you can’t speak or don’t feel well. It protects you and all of your family members. Call 3-1-1 to request a vial kit which will enable you to complete forms of information that will be essential to your well being if you are found in an emergency situation. The vial should be kept in your refrigerator and the kit includes a magnet you can place on your refrigerator so emergency personnel can see it when they arrive at your home.
  • Registry (Special Needs). Citizens with special needs may complete a form that puts their information into a special needs registry. This information is then made available to first responders and emergency managers. In case of a community emergency, people in need of special assistance can be easily identified through the registry. Call the Division of Emergency Management at 859-258-3784 and request a special needs registry form.
  • Enhanced 911 allows your contact information to be automatically available during an emergency call. Create a Smart911 safety profile at to make this happen. The profile can include medical condition, number of children in the house, etc. Photos can also be included.