Many of us will do our holiday shopping online rather than in person this years because of the pandemic.

Online shopping can be easy and fun and you can find some great deasl.

But there are precautions to take, too.

Here are some tips from AARP to stay safe and avoid scams when shopping online

1. Use a secure internet connection and avoid using public wifi or hotspots for purchases. Look for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or https in website addresses which stands for secure.

2. Pay securely – choose secure payment options such as PayPal or look for VeriSign or BBB seal.

3. Be vigilant _ don’t click on links in emails or texts that ask you to verify your financial info.

4. Do your homework _ check reviews, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

5. Use strong passwords _ consider using a password manager, change passwords regularly, never use the same password for multiple sites. Consider using a passphrase- My daughter has 2 cats, 1 fish, 2 sons- can be Mdh2c1f2s.